Thursday, 26 December 2013


Labradoodles puppies at 2 weeks old.  

Note the eyes. They are blue and not quite fully open. They will probably change colour by 6 weeks.

They are just about up on their feet but still wobbly. Lulu continues to do a great job but Phoebe is stepping in as nanny. She lets the puppies suckle off her even though she has no milk. I have stopped her going in as she will produce milk if I left her with them.

We have all 3 colours available and they are all looking quite curly already.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What fun

 Up on their feet and quite a handful as they can move very quick.
They are having 4 meals a day now and really enjoy eating. I feed them from a frying pan otherwise the less pushing would miss out. Puppies do have a great survival instinct.
Lulu (Mum of the Labradoodles pops into see the Cockapoos and they are so quick to take milk from her. She doesn't mind :)
Phoebe enjoys playing with them and cannot wait to be a Mum herself

Friday, 13 December 2013

Accidents do happen :)

 My good friend Anita has her lovely KC registered chocolate Labrador who ran off and chose her own husband!  
She is very sweet natured and a great and very gentle Mum.

Dad is a Labrador cross collie, also, a lovely family pet
 The puppies are gorgeous and look just like Labradors except for a little white. One has 4 white slippers on :)
They should make great family pets as Labradors remain our nations favourite and collie's are very intelligent. 
They are almost ready to leave and will have had first injections and be microchipped and leave with a puppy pack

Anita is happy to receive any calls about them on
M 07941 297463
H 01538 304506

Looking great :)

Hi little cockapoo puppy who can now see the big wild world :)
They are really getting think and very wavy coats.
They have had their first taste of solid food and boy!, did they enjoy it.
Just 2 boys still available so please contact me if you are interested.

Multi generational labradoodles have arrived

Just a week old so eyes and ears still tightly closed. They cannot walk yet but slither like a young seal on the beach. They can smell though and as soon as Mum (Lulu) comes near they all become aroused and slither towards her for milk.
Lulu lets us humans in but woe betide any of my other dogs if they so much as look at her babies. She is a great  and very protective Mum!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New arrivals

Lulu has safely whelped her litter of multi generational labradoodles.

Girls and boys, cream, chocolate and black. All look to have curly coats too :)

What a great Mum she is. We humans can go in and I check the puppies every day to ensure they are all thriving and no one is being left out of the milky bar.

Lulu has unlimited food and water of course with all those mouths to feed.

If we work in percentages these puppies are out of Lulu who is 75% poodle 25% lab (f1b)
I have her Mum (Bea) and sadly just lost her gran, Gemma, aged 15

Her Dad is Hugo F1 50/50 I also have his Mum (Jilly)

I can most certainly vouch for the characters of these puppies and they all started from KC registered pedigree dogs. As that is the case these puppies have their full breeding history a copy of which I will supply at the point of them leaving here.

I do see several of Lulu's litter from last year, bred the same way and they too are lovely natured dogs which is what I aim to achieve when producing family pets which are sound of temperament at the point of leaving our home. Then it is over to you and your training. There are great trainers around and am happy to discuss your requirements.

I do have several enquiries for these puppies but please don't make contact with a view to buying a puppy for some one for Christmas as a surprise. Nice idea but it is too huge a commitments and all parries involved really do need to be in agreement.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

All doing very well

 This little boy is with his new Mummy, having a quick cuddle. They are being snapped up as I thought they may be as Cockapoos are really, lovely little dogs
Two camp :)

Proud Dad Chino (although he doesn't know he has more babies)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Camera shy :)

Looking good but not really up for a photo shoot after giving birth just 24 hours ago!!

She whelped very well, instinct certainly kicked in as she was very efficient and amazingly clean :)

Within seconds the head was cleared of the amniotic sack and Jess had the body cleared with such precision, it was amazing especially given this is her first litter.

She is happy for us to hold the puppies but of course we don't move them away from her at this stage.

She is eating well and her milk production is good as the puppies are all thriving very well.

Well done Jess x

Monday, 18 November 2013

A little quiet today

Jess has certainly slowed down a lot in the last couple of days which is no bad thing as her belly is huge :)

She didn't even want to have a run out today, just out onto the yard to relieve herself.

I have just got her in with Pippa for now but she will be on her own when whelping.

This is for lots of reasons but mainly as she will be a little stressed by events as has never had puppies before and the presence of another dog may add to the stress.

She may have a panic and I do like to keep all as calm as possible.

I could see Pippa trying to pinch a puppy to look after as her own as she loves to be a Mum :)

Jess is due this week and looks fit to pop too. She has her milk in ready so any day now and fingers crossed as I cannot wait to see them. Her first litter and she is our "Rita Hayworth"

Monday, 28 October 2013

Another marriage

Bea is off to be married this week.

I am putting her to a small poodle this time in an attempt to produce smaller Labradoodles. She had her "miss a season" and  whenI was away when her next season happened but she didn't take so if we have success this time it will be almost 2 years since Bea had puppies which is no bad thing as she is well rested but she does love to be a Mum and is very good at it.

We see and hear about several of her previous off spring which are gorgeous and bringing a lot of pleasure to their families and yes, a little frustration at times too :)

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Just like the busses 6 of my girls have come into season in the last few weeks.

Jess now mated and fingers crossed cockapoos are cooking
Lulu now mated and standard sized Labradoodles cooking
Lola will marry Oscar so we should have KC registered, chocolate Labradors
Bea will be mated with a miniature Poodle to produce smaller Labradoodles

Jilly is now retired and Phoebe at just a year old is having her second season but I won't mate her until she is 2 and subject to good hip score etc.

I do only have 8 girls but they have obviously synchronised :)

Oscar (my male) is very good about it all and can only marry Lola

Christmas is going to be very busy

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Lulu has been mated with Hugo being very faithful she married him her last litter and they produced some lovely puppies. We have just boarded Polly who is a year old now and her family are delighted with her.

The mating went well and the tie was strong and for quite a while which is a good sign so fingers crossed we should have both cockapoos and medium sized labradoodles

Thursday, 12 September 2013

No summer puppies

Ok, so a mating doesn't always lead to a little as Pippa has just proved as no Jackapoos arrived early September.

Jess has at last come into season and will marry a coffee coloured poodle to produce cockapoos - I hope :) She has the most fantastic character but to date has not produced any puppies for us so I will not be holding my breath, conversely I will be delighted as she is a stunning little dog.

Bea and Lulu are both due in season so we should have labradoodles later in the year. Both have bred before and have produced some stunning puppies.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Only passed her Kennel Club Silver good citizenship award on Wednesday.

She is such a good girl and so very easy to train but please don't tell everyone or they will all want a Rottweiler :)

All quiet

Puppy wise we are having a quiet summer which is no bad thing as the boarding business is so very busy.

We should have a litter of Jackapoos in September (they are cooking now)

Bea was mated but no puppies resulted so I shall try again her next season. I was very surprised as she has never missed before but I think it was because we were away as she was fretting.

I do have girls in season but they are all on their miss a season so autumn should be busy on the puppy front.

I am hoping to produce small Labradoodles, Cockapoos and Labradors

Fingers crossed :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Phoebe and others

Well what do think of her so far?

8 months old and I think she is stunning. 

We go training every week and she is such a laid back girl. She has her bronze KC good citizen award and we are working towards silver now.

Around our home she is fantastic. Never an "accident" and never does she wander off and for those who have been to our home, she could, quite easily.

She is still chewing so cannot be trusted and I have had to put a notice to the postman to ensure she cannot get to the mail as she ate my son's driving licence and his new window screen wipers. I had to pay for the replacements so I had to find a way to stop her :)

We all love her to bits and feel very proud to take her out and about. We took her to Stafford County Show and she was impeccably well behaved dispite a very small child jumping and screeching into her face. Where do the young children learn these things! who trains these children?

Other puppy news

Bea was mated and I cannot believe it but she hasn't caught so no labradoodles this summer

Jess our cocker spaniel is due in season soon so fingers crossed as as cute as she is she has cost us a fortune by breaking her leg and generating no income. We do love her though and she is great out on walks.

Lola will be off for her hip, elbow and eye screening soon.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Family Fun and Doggy Day

Monday 6th May promises to be good weather (hooray!!) and we are hosting a charity fund raising event.

There is a dog obedience demonstration and heelwork to music organised by derwent Valley Dog Club and supported by All For Dogs dog training

  There is lots for the tots to do with bouncy castle, hook a duck, face painting, wet sponges, baloon pop and lots more

Of course you can come out for lunch as we have a BBQ, cream tea and cake stall

There are several trade stands too so you could top up with pet bits, buy your summer plant, spoil yourself with a new handbag or peice of jewelary

Feel free to call me if you wold like more information otherwise gates open at 10.30 with all the fun begining at 11 and finishing at 4pm   Tel 07725 941 421

The beneficiaries are two children's charities

One at Findern, Derby
Findern Community Pre School

One in Africa
Gadeli School for Orphaned Children

look forward to seeing you on Monday :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Leaving home

Poppy left today and the whole family came to collect her.

There is lots of paperwork and information to pass on with one so small but all important. Things like KC documents, insurance and her life to date.

We have just one girl and a couple of boys left with lots of enquiries so they should all be left soon and we can be puppy free for a short while.

I do miss them but it is also nice to do a good scrub and wash down where they have been and I know they are all well cared for otherwise they would come back to me.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ready and bags packed :)

They really are big, chunky puppies. Fully weaned and ready to leave us. Those that have gone are doing very all and their owners very happy.
They are very responsive and learning fast, basic commands. They are very confident and happy to wrestle with Phoebe who is 7 months old now and towers over them.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Ready to leave home :)

Puppies to be proud of as they are so confident and healthy.
They are out socialising with some of my adult dogs. Phoebe in particular is great with them as they chase her and nibble with their needle teeth at her feet.

The first one to leave was Hudson

His new family had just lost their much loved Labrador after many years of joy (and a little frustration)
They are delighted with Hudson and have phoned me to let me know which is lovely.

The next one leaves today and he is going to a training facility for 8 weeks after which he will go to his new home, fully trained. Interesting idea and I shall watch with interest to see how this approach to having a puppy works.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

5 weeks old already :)

Just had his lunch :)
They are all eating very well and are full of mischief of course, just how puppies should be.
I have moved them into a bigger space where they can have a good play. They are doing very well at coming off the soft, heated bed onto the paper to do their woooopsy's. They are very good.
Lola has had enough of them now and only occasionally visits and soon jumps out of their pen as they start to suckle.

I have recieved all of their kennel club documents so they will be ready to go to their new homes just after Easter.

What a great time of year to have a new puppy, with spring around the corner so, if you are strict with your training then by winter you should have a well trained, clean in the house dog.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

All official :)

Kennel club registrations applied for for the puppies.
I do like to have it all in order and pass it onto the new owners as the puppies leave me.

They are all doing very well, becoming active and enjoying 3 meals a day. I'm not sure how much Lola goes in with them to let them have some milk but Phoebe certainly goes in for play time. She is lovely with them, often laying on her back with them all over her. Surprising as they have needle sharp teeth which they sink into her.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

A new bed :)

 Where are those teats?

10 days old now and eyes almost open. They are very cloudy for a couple of days so it's probably like looking through net curtains in the early days.
I do love the smell of puppies. They have an enzyme in their saliva which has a specific aroma.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

What fat puppies!!

A friend called by this morning and couldn't believe how fat the puppies are. They are, at just 2 weeks old just having Mums milk and they look stunning. Their eyes are just starting to open and as Lola is so laid back they have had lots of visitors so socialising already.

I am trying to build Lola up a little as of course she has dropped some weight after whelping but that shouldn't prove too difficult as she is a Labrador after all. :)

I have requested the documents from the Kennel Club so will be registered soon too.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Seething Mass!!

A week old already!!
And so, very noisy, in fact they rarely shut up. What do they have to chat about?

Lola is being a great Mum in that she is feeding them well and they are all thriving. She is not too good in the cleaning department as I have to change the bedding atleast once every day which is unusual.
She has been out to play with her mates which is a good thing as she is obviously not stressed which has to be good for her milk production and her puppies general well being.

She allows our other dogs to see her puppies too which Gemma (our old girl) loves as she likes to wash and sit with them.

Friday, 22 February 2013

They are here, safe and gorgeous

 Lola and the puppies are all doing very well as you can see. She whelped well and is quite a laid back Mum. She spends lots of time with the puppies but has had a short time playing with Phoebe. Every new Mum needs a little break :)
I do love puppies feet, the pads are so perfect and that tummy is soooo round at just 2 days old.
Bitch milk is very, very rich and Lola is definitely enjoying unlimited food.

Monday, 18 February 2013

They are on their way

Lola is due to whelp tomorrow

We have had a very busy day today and she has shown no signs of being ready so we started our" how many and which day" sweep stake this evening.
We finished our jobs, shopping and had just sat down to a cuppa when we heard a little squeak.

Yep! a gorgeous chocolate boy has arrived. Lola wasn't too sure what to do with him but is suckling him now. Surprisingly, for a ravenous labrador, she hasn't eaten the amniotic sack, yet anyway.

I will sit up with her incase so a long night ahead for me.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Very round

Lola is looking very round now. She has just a few days to go now and we should have some lovely chocolate/golden Labrador puppies. This is her first litter but generally Labradors whelp (give birth) easily so I'm not anticipating any problems. Oscar is Dad and a finer, more handsome Labrador you couldn't wish to meet. He has 0/0 elbow score and a very low hip score too

I do love Labradors. I was practicing our new "down" work with Phoebe with Lola in the room and she did it very quickly and long before Phoebe. They are so clever and very quick to learn and I guess that is what makes them our nations number 1 breed.

Despite her very large tummy she has been enjoying running around and wrestling this afternoon you would never guess she is pregnant but that is dogs for you. As long as they are fit and well they will play right up to the last minute. Jilly, one of my other girls will go out to play ball as soon as the last one has arrived too.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Looking round!

Lola, our Chocolate Labrador is looking very round. She married Oscar, our gorgeous Chocolate boy. He has a few off spring now so we can very much vouch for his progeny.

She is just lovely and very loyal. She has a lovely physique which is slightly curvy but by no means fat. This will be her first littler so hopefully will cope well when is comes to whelping (giving birth)

Bea (Labradoodle) is now 8 months between seasons. There is no way of predicting their seasons as with mine, anyway, sometimes it is 4 months and sometimes 8 months between.

Monday, 21 January 2013

I couldn't resist sharing this one :)

She is such an established member of the family at just 18 weeks old now she has made such an impact on us all. My boys are loving playing/training her and she loves to please them. They have had dogs all of their lives so have a very good understanding of how to train a dog but they actually have the motivation to train Phoebe. Not sure why but then I don't care as long as the resulting adult is obediant and a dog to be proud of.

She is stunning looking too :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Puppy play

                                                Oh No! the Rottweiler ate my head?? :)

Doris and Phoebe do play very well together. There is just a week between them so they are evenly matched size wise. They are quite rough together and learning some of lifes' boundaries.

I have enjoyed having them both over night and Doris is as good as Phoebe at recall so I am quite happy to take them both with me when feeding the horses as I am safe in the knowledge that neither will disapear.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cockapoos are just sooooo cute :)

 This is Ned. What a lovely photo and he would melt anyones heart.

Meet Daisy. The only girl of the last litter.
Looks like she has her feet well under the table!!    Well, on the sofa anyway :)


Of course Mel and I went for a drink after puppy training class as this is all part of our puppies education and socialisation :). We went to The Dragon in Willington where we had a warm welcome with out 2 Rottweilers. Both staff and guests were very happy to have the  (well behaved) puppies in doors.  Doris and Phoebe were shattered.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Introducing Ned

Much loved and has settled in well.

He has his own blog being up dated by his 10 year old owner. What a great project and such a rewarding way for me to earn my keep for this puppy is bringing such great pleasure to his whole family.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Soooo cute!

Every time I look at this photo of Foxon (10 weeks old Cockerpoo) my heart melts.

I just love the shiny, black, wet and very healthy looking nose. Coupled with the hair below and his long whiskers. :)

He has settled very well and his family are thrilled with him. They have had a stream of visitors to meet him which is great for his socialisation. They informed me that he has only had a couple of "accidents" too which is always a bonus.

where are we now?

Phoebe has made great progress so far.

At 15 weeks old she can sit, down, spin and roll over on command.

She is very glutenous so it has been relatively easy so far. I have made a point of making her wait for her food once it has been put on the floor, which was a challenge for her to learn, as she cannot wait to eat. I also make a point of taking her food off her whilst she is so young and I can.

We are going to our first, formal training session this evening and I am sure all the ground work we have done will fly out of the window as her excitement raises as she walks into the hall.

Phoebe is a Rottweiler, of course and I am so determined that she is going to be a well trained, loyal and obedient girl. The breed is subject to such bad press but as with almost all breeds they are what you make them and her character is naturally submissive and my boys are loving working, playing, training and wrestling with her.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hello and welcome

We have sold all of these very cute Cockapoos recently but should have 2 litters through 2013

We are expecting Labradors in a few weeks time and plan Labradoodles this year too.

We are licensed breeders and take great pride in the puppies we produce. I get a great deal of positive feedback and I am humbled by the joy I hear, the puppies we have produced, brings to their families.
A number come to visit us either just to say Hi or to use our Dogs Paws (boarding facility)

We are focussing on producing slightly smaller dogs as some of the F1B labradoodles are huge. If I use a miniature instead of a standard poodle they will still be a good, medium size dog but more manageable for todays modern living.