Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cute award

2 weeks and 5 days old. Eyes almost full open. Ears opening. Belly too big to get off the floor :)

Toffee is doing a fantastic job as these puppies are so peaceful. All they seem to do is sleep. Oh! I know it will change as they get up onto their feet.

Cockapoo's really are lovely, good all round family pets.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cockapoo fest :)

Toffee is happy to announce the safe arrival of her litter of Cockapoos

She (Mum) is an apricot, miniature poodle and Dad is a red, working cocker spaniel.

Just one day old here and growing fast. Eyes and ears tightly closed and getting plenty of visitors so smelling lots of us humans. I really do believe this helps them to bond well and have confidence in their new owners.

We have just one boy and two girls available.

Please make contact asap if you are interesting in a new addition to your family.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

No news as yet

Toffee is looking great and ready to pop.

She has been running and playing on the yard today so I doubt she will whelp tonight but you never know.  Seldom are puppies born through daylight hours so it will be another night up for me as I hate to leave my girls in case they need me.

I have had Phoebe's hip and elbow scores and they are very good so, once the breeders endorsements are lifted and she has her next season, assuming we have found a suitable husband for her, she will marry. We are so looking forward to her being a Mum as we just know she will be great. We are going to keep one :)