Monday, 18 November 2013

A little quiet today

Jess has certainly slowed down a lot in the last couple of days which is no bad thing as her belly is huge :)

She didn't even want to have a run out today, just out onto the yard to relieve herself.

I have just got her in with Pippa for now but she will be on her own when whelping.

This is for lots of reasons but mainly as she will be a little stressed by events as has never had puppies before and the presence of another dog may add to the stress.

She may have a panic and I do like to keep all as calm as possible.

I could see Pippa trying to pinch a puppy to look after as her own as she loves to be a Mum :)

Jess is due this week and looks fit to pop too. She has her milk in ready so any day now and fingers crossed as I cannot wait to see them. Her first litter and she is our "Rita Hayworth"

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