Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Family Fun and Doggy Day

Monday 6th May promises to be good weather (hooray!!) and we are hosting a charity fund raising event.

There is a dog obedience demonstration and heelwork to music organised by derwent Valley Dog Club and supported by All For Dogs dog training

  There is lots for the tots to do with bouncy castle, hook a duck, face painting, wet sponges, baloon pop and lots more

Of course you can come out for lunch as we have a BBQ, cream tea and cake stall

There are several trade stands too so you could top up with pet bits, buy your summer plant, spoil yourself with a new handbag or peice of jewelary

Feel free to call me if you wold like more information otherwise gates open at 10.30 with all the fun begining at 11 and finishing at 4pm   Tel 07725 941 421

The beneficiaries are two children's charities

One at Findern, Derby
Findern Community Pre School

One in Africa
Gadeli School for Orphaned Children

look forward to seeing you on Monday :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Leaving home

Poppy left today and the whole family came to collect her.

There is lots of paperwork and information to pass on with one so small but all important. Things like KC documents, insurance and her life to date.

We have just one girl and a couple of boys left with lots of enquiries so they should all be left soon and we can be puppy free for a short while.

I do miss them but it is also nice to do a good scrub and wash down where they have been and I know they are all well cared for otherwise they would come back to me.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ready and bags packed :)

They really are big, chunky puppies. Fully weaned and ready to leave us. Those that have gone are doing very all and their owners very happy.
They are very responsive and learning fast, basic commands. They are very confident and happy to wrestle with Phoebe who is 7 months old now and towers over them.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Ready to leave home :)

Puppies to be proud of as they are so confident and healthy.
They are out socialising with some of my adult dogs. Phoebe in particular is great with them as they chase her and nibble with their needle teeth at her feet.

The first one to leave was Hudson

His new family had just lost their much loved Labrador after many years of joy (and a little frustration)
They are delighted with Hudson and have phoned me to let me know which is lovely.

The next one leaves today and he is going to a training facility for 8 weeks after which he will go to his new home, fully trained. Interesting idea and I shall watch with interest to see how this approach to having a puppy works.