Thursday, 28 August 2014

Puppies,puppies, puppies

All of the puppies are doing very well

The Labradors are now approaching 5 weeks. They are up and "running" around. Play time is short lived as they are so young but, boy! do they make a lot of noise :)
4 weeks worming is now done and just to be on the safe side I weighed them to ensure the correct dose 2KG, little fatties :)
They are weening well and certainly enjoy their food, well they are Labradors but Mum also visits and lets them have a top up of milk.

KC Registration documents should arrive any day now so just a couple more weeks and they will start to leave home :(

The Cockapoos are looking very cute. Being bred the way they are I wasn't sure how their coat would look as they are higher percentage Cocker Spaniel than Poodle but they all have quite full/brocken coats. Mel, the dog groomer on site thinks their coat may be a little easier to get a brush through which should make the day to day management easier.
They have been wormed at 2 weeks and I have introduced them to a little food as now approaching 4.

Lulu is Mum and there are pictures of her on my doodle dogs derby site

This is dad

Sunday, 24 August 2014

What a summer :)

We have 3 litters of puppies

KC Registered Labradors
We have Mum and Grandad too
Just 4 weeks old and so chunky. Black and chocolate, girls and boys

Cockapoos Just golden boys available Mum is Jess our beautiful cocker spaniel and Dad an apricot cockapoo. 

And then, just a week old now, we have a litter of small Labradoodles
I'll take some photo's soon but we do have gold, cream, chocolate and black available

Give me a call if you are interested  Bev

Monday, 4 August 2014

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cockapoo puppies

Adorable and just 3 days old. Mum is Jess, our much loved working cocker spaniel and Dad a caramel coloured Cockapoo
We have just one girl, the rest boys

KC Registered Labradors

Puppies to be proud of :)

They have gorgeous, shiny coats and lovely, big fat bellies. Lola is doing a great job.

Just one week old so eyes and ears are tight shut but they can smell us and are being well handled.

Mum, Lola is a gorgeous girl in all respects. Given that Oscar is an old man now I decided to use his son Bruno. He is a stunning black boy. He is great fun and absolutely loves people and attention.

We have both boys and girl available and they are KC Registered