Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Out and about :)

We had the puppies in our family room for socialising and looking for mischief of course :)
They didn't disappoint us :)

Looking at you

Nice rug

What's up there? :) 

Smells good 

I'm just so cute :) 

The three wise ones

What's next?

 Come on guys these legs are really tasty :)

Some one else's dinner is always more tasty :)
I do like our werner feeder 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Photo shoot

The boys
Just 3 weeks old, eyes almost open and ears too
loving their food and looking fantastic

Monday, 20 April 2015

12 days old already

Meet Ruby :) at 10 days old

Eyes opening and looking good at 12 days old

I am surprised how much they devour compared to other breeds at such a young age. I don't usually start weaning until 3+ weeks but these guys are a weeks ahead. They are becoming very stable on their feet too.
They are just adorable and love to be cuddled and that's just as well as we still have a stream of visitors to do just that.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rotti's are pigs :)

I have started feeding these hungry babies at just over 2 weeks as they seemed hungry.
They attack the food with great vigour and really do enjoy it. The challenge now is to keep them clean as they plaster it all over each other.

They are getting strong on their feet, although I have restricted them as I don't want them wandering too much at such a young age.

They are getting used to the stream of visitors which includes my other dogs too now. Phoebe is quite happy to share her babies

I am adding Mum and Dad pictures as I have requests to see them again :)
Stunning aren't they?



Friday, 17 April 2015

Up date on the Rotti Puppies :)

The puppies are doing great. Eyes opening and normal and so are their ears I have , however noticed some real differences between these and other breeds at this age (2 weeks)

They are much quieter. Whenever we have had puppies before our house sounds like a maternity unit at the hospital but theses guys, hardly a sound. They are also sucklers and if Mum isn't around to suckle they will attach to anything they can get their mouth around which is usually their brother or sister. It is quite sweet but weird as they don't seem to care what body part it is and the one on the receiving end doesn't seem to care either :).
They do appear to be more forward physically too as they are up on their feet and wobbling around, others have been 3 weeks before this stage. I have them well contained as I don't want them wobbling too far and although both parents have great hip scores I am mindful of preserving these little puppies hips too.

Mel, my friend has a litter of Rotti's too and her's are just the same so it may be typical of their breed.

Above all else they are just gorgeous. Lots of my other dogs have been to see them which is great for socialisation. We have had a stream of "smelly" humans too.

Phoebe is being a great Mum of course but is now happy to go a play and chill with her mates.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Planning for puppies

As ever my girls are synchronising their seasons or has it some thing to do with the weather?

We have our Rottweilers safely arrived and growing very well. Just boys available if your interested please contact me

Jess is due her second litter towards the end of April. She was mated with an apricot, toy poodle so should produce small and I have no doubt very cute Cockapoos

We then have Lola, our chocolate lab in season. I am going to put her to an apricot, toy poodle to produce Labradoodle first cross (F1) as she has a wavy coat and I think would produce some nice coated labradoodles. Lets see :)

Toffee is to be married to Duke again and they do produce the most gorgeous Cockapoos always golden in colour and have fantastic coats as adults. I know this as I have two boarding with me right now. They are just a year apart but are full sisters as Toffee has never married any other :)

Bea is back in season and this time I am going to cover her with Max a chocolate standard poodle. I have mated her with him before and produced some lovely F1B's   Lulu, our F1B being one of their daughters. She has had a couple of missed matings when I have covered her with another too so lets continue to be faithful :)

All in all another busy summer ahead. My youngest son asked if we might have a holiday. It would be nice but I don't know when or how :)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Such a tough life :)

All doing very well. Phoebe's milk is fantastically rich judging by the growth over just a few days.

They are certainly getting ooodles of attention as almost everyone who calls (who know they are here) wants to see the puppies. they have had lots of cuddles too.
All good for growing their confidence in us humans.

Eyes and ears are still closed so all they can do is small us smelly humans :)

We do just have boys available and lots of interest so please make contact asap if you are interested as they will soon all be reserved.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

They are here!!

Phoebe and Kimbo have produced some very, gorgeous puppies. All arrived safely in the early hours of this morning, are feeding well and Mum (Phoebe) looks great

 Can you spot the puppies?

 I love new puppies ears

Just 4 hours old and sooo small

Bottoms up :)

 Watch this nose turn black :)