Sunday, 16 August 2020

New arrivals :)

Cockapoos are here Male and females Red, chocolate or golden Struggling to put photographs on here but happy to forward some directly Please make contact in 07725941421 if you are interested Regards Bev

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Pricing of Cockapoos

I am a licensed (this costs money), reputable breeder who has run a legitimate business for many years, breeding quality puppies from quality, health checked girls. I carefully select their "husbands" and the resulting puppies get a great start to life in all respects

We are small breeders, having few litters a year and we have nothing to hide when the inspector calls as everything is above board.

Given the price range for cockapoo puppies range anything from £2,000  to over £4,000 at the moment, I have to set my price to the market rather than historical, especially as a number of those advertised are scams too!!

Our puppies will be £2,500 and I will be including within the contract that our puppies are not to be "sold on"

I am, of course looking for my puppies to go to loving, forever homes but if it doesn't work out, as sometimes it doesn't, then my customers have to option to return the puppy to me, as has always been the case

Hope this helps


Saturday, 20 June 2020

Update on scammers

What is going on guys?

I have so many calls/emails where people have parted with lots of money. One chap £1,000 only to find out it was a scam.

Get savvy!!

I did hear today that some unscrupulous people are buying Cockapoo puppies and then selling them on for an inflated price.

The prices at the moment are ranging from £2,000 to over £4,000

Of course as a breeder this makes my blood boil and I do all I reasonably can to ensure my purchasers are genuine and the puppy is leaving mine for it's new, lifetime home

Please take care

Monday, 15 June 2020


They have always been around but are making the most of the increased demand at the moment and many of you, with time on your hands and the life changes that this dreadful virus has created are taking the plunge and wishing to get a puppy.

This is great news but the scammers are taking the opportunity to target you.

I have had many calls/ messages from distraught people who have been scammed so please be careful and do your homework before parting with your money

1  Is the seller a licensed/registered breeder
2 Have they been recommended to you
3 Do you know who the sellers are or where they live i.e. where the puppies are coming from
4 Do they have a website/presence in the market
5 Have you searched the phone number given or are you aware of previous adverts

It saddens me you are being scammed but please stop parting with your money when you know so little about where or to whom it is going

If you have been scammed please let the police know

Todays rant over


Monday, 1 June 2020

planned puppies


We have two gorgeous, golden labradors who have great health screening with both having 0 elbows and Vanilla 0/0 hips and Custards are very low too.

I have a lovely, working stud lined up who is very well bred and great health screening too

A "marriage" should happen this week so fingers crossed we should have the pitter, patter of tiny paws in 9 ish weeks time.


We are expecting our two girls who produce Cockapoos in season June timenso hopefully we will have puppies available later in summer

I will update"events" on here and if we have what you are looking for please make contact

Many thanks

Stay safe

Bev and her girls

Monday, 21 October 2019

No puppies

We don't have any puppies available at the moment but with a little luck we will have cockatoos towards the end of November

Vanilla and Custard are off to the vets for their hip and elbow scoring later this week. It takes a while to get the results through but I see no reason why they shouldn't have good scores.

They are both PRA clear :)