Monday, 19 June 2017

The next "marriage"

Eventually Jess came into season (our small, red cocker spaniel)
I have mated her with Chino who is a delightful, toy poodle. Golden in colour
We should have the pitter patter of tiny paws early August

 This is a puppy from a previous mating

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New arrivals

Born Saturday 8th April, day 65 of gestation so well cooked and looking great.
They are all plump and gaining weight very well and wow!! what a shiny coat.

Toffee as ever is being a great Mum and is very proud of her babies. She is letting us, humans in to check them over but her canine friends are not allowed yet. 

Please call me on 07725 941 421 if you are interested

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What puppies? :)

Toffee has been "married" to Lord Lucan

He is a gorgeous, black cocker spaniel who is sound of temperament and a fantastic family dog

We should have the pitter, patter in 8 ish weeks

My buddy, Mel has Cockapoo puppies available now

Mum is a chocolate, miniature  Poodle and Dad, the same lovely Cocker Spaniel I have used on Toffee Mel's number is  07840691196 if you are interested please call her directly.

I do know these puppies are very well cared for and reared in a family home with other dogs and children. She gets them vet checked, microchipped and first injection done before she lets them go to their new home too.

I am on the hunt for a suitable, top class husband for my Rottweilers as hopefully they will "marry" this year too :)

Thursday, 8 September 2016

After a long play out :)

The puppies tier easily at the moment but they had had a good run around the paddock in the sun

Monday, 5 September 2016

Up and running :)

Where do the weeks go?

Going for their vet checking and first injection 16th September then ready to leave home. How quickly those 7 weeks have flown by and they are looking great. 
They are stocky little fellows and strong. See how they are running on our yard and can keep going for quite a while. 
Their coats are breaking a little and as Labradoodles should be low/non shedding
We do have a little girl available if you are interested

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Beautifully healthy puppies have safely arrived and all black :)

Safe arrivals :)
Born 28th July

Mum is Lola, our KC registered, chocolate Labrador and a nicer tempremented dog you couldn't wish to meet.

Dad is Ronnies an F2 Labradoodle He has a high % poodle and a stunning coat so the puppies should have good ?? curly coats and time will tell. He is PRA clear and has a very low hip score and is a stunner :) A fantastic family pet too. This is him

These are his health certificates

 And his pedigree

This little cutie is by the same Dad (Ronnie)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Labradoodles cooking :)

I have just mated Lola , our fun loving and very gentle chocolate Labrador. She is KC Registered
She "married" a stunning F1b so high % poodle Labradoodle. He is hip scored with a 4/4 and PRA clear. He is a gorgeous, deep golden colour and has a fantastic coat.

Fingers crossed early August we should hear the pitter, patter of tiny dogs paws :)

I will put a photograph once i'm over my technical problem