Thursday, 31 January 2013

Looking round!

Lola, our Chocolate Labrador is looking very round. She married Oscar, our gorgeous Chocolate boy. He has a few off spring now so we can very much vouch for his progeny.

She is just lovely and very loyal. She has a lovely physique which is slightly curvy but by no means fat. This will be her first littler so hopefully will cope well when is comes to whelping (giving birth)

Bea (Labradoodle) is now 8 months between seasons. There is no way of predicting their seasons as with mine, anyway, sometimes it is 4 months and sometimes 8 months between.

Monday, 21 January 2013

I couldn't resist sharing this one :)

She is such an established member of the family at just 18 weeks old now she has made such an impact on us all. My boys are loving playing/training her and she loves to please them. They have had dogs all of their lives so have a very good understanding of how to train a dog but they actually have the motivation to train Phoebe. Not sure why but then I don't care as long as the resulting adult is obediant and a dog to be proud of.

She is stunning looking too :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Puppy play

                                                Oh No! the Rottweiler ate my head?? :)

Doris and Phoebe do play very well together. There is just a week between them so they are evenly matched size wise. They are quite rough together and learning some of lifes' boundaries.

I have enjoyed having them both over night and Doris is as good as Phoebe at recall so I am quite happy to take them both with me when feeding the horses as I am safe in the knowledge that neither will disapear.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cockapoos are just sooooo cute :)

 This is Ned. What a lovely photo and he would melt anyones heart.

Meet Daisy. The only girl of the last litter.
Looks like she has her feet well under the table!!    Well, on the sofa anyway :)


Of course Mel and I went for a drink after puppy training class as this is all part of our puppies education and socialisation :). We went to The Dragon in Willington where we had a warm welcome with out 2 Rottweilers. Both staff and guests were very happy to have the  (well behaved) puppies in doors.  Doris and Phoebe were shattered.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Introducing Ned

Much loved and has settled in well.

He has his own blog being up dated by his 10 year old owner. What a great project and such a rewarding way for me to earn my keep for this puppy is bringing such great pleasure to his whole family.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Soooo cute!

Every time I look at this photo of Foxon (10 weeks old Cockerpoo) my heart melts.

I just love the shiny, black, wet and very healthy looking nose. Coupled with the hair below and his long whiskers. :)

He has settled very well and his family are thrilled with him. They have had a stream of visitors to meet him which is great for his socialisation. They informed me that he has only had a couple of "accidents" too which is always a bonus.

where are we now?

Phoebe has made great progress so far.

At 15 weeks old she can sit, down, spin and roll over on command.

She is very glutenous so it has been relatively easy so far. I have made a point of making her wait for her food once it has been put on the floor, which was a challenge for her to learn, as she cannot wait to eat. I also make a point of taking her food off her whilst she is so young and I can.

We are going to our first, formal training session this evening and I am sure all the ground work we have done will fly out of the window as her excitement raises as she walks into the hall.

Phoebe is a Rottweiler, of course and I am so determined that she is going to be a well trained, loyal and obedient girl. The breed is subject to such bad press but as with almost all breeds they are what you make them and her character is naturally submissive and my boys are loving working, playing, training and wrestling with her.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hello and welcome

We have sold all of these very cute Cockapoos recently but should have 2 litters through 2013

We are expecting Labradors in a few weeks time and plan Labradoodles this year too.

We are licensed breeders and take great pride in the puppies we produce. I get a great deal of positive feedback and I am humbled by the joy I hear, the puppies we have produced, brings to their families.
A number come to visit us either just to say Hi or to use our Dogs Paws (boarding facility)

We are focussing on producing slightly smaller dogs as some of the F1B labradoodles are huge. If I use a miniature instead of a standard poodle they will still be a good, medium size dog but more manageable for todays modern living.