Monday, 17 March 2014

Meet Jessie

This little cutie is one of Jess's puppies, born December 2013

She is a cockapoo and should stay quite small. Her family are very proud of her and she is being a good girl (most of the time i'm sure)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lovely nature

Brimming with character and confidence and ready for a new home. He is such an easy boy in all ways. He has a lovely, dense, fleece coat which should be very easy to manage.

Toffee and Duke have married again so we should have Cockapoos available in 9 isn weeks time :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Plans :)

We have just 1 lovely labradoodle available. He has a huge character and is fantastically confident.

Duke is coming to stay this evening.
He is Toffee's husband and they will produce Cockapoo's.
They have produced before and they are truly stunning puppies/dogs.
We see and are in touch with several of them.

Bae is due in season again soon. Having had a couple of missed mating I am hoping to have a little more success this time. I am trying to produce smaller F1B Labradoodles by using a miniature poodle. It will be almost 3 years since she had puppies. At least she has had a good rest :)

Phoebe will be getting her hips and elbows scored soon as if they are good I do intend to start my search for a suitable husband for her later this year. She will make a fantastic Mum and my boys are already saying they would like to keep one :)