Sunday, 27 December 2015

A grand day out :)

Well a couple of hours anyway :)
My eldest and I went to watch the hunt meet at Blithfield Hall. It is quite a spectacle and such a lovely English tradition

We took Ruby with us (much to Phoebe's disgust) and she was mesmerised by it all. I expected her to launch when the hunting horn was blown and the horses take off but none of it, she was transfixed and looked stunning ( ok so I'm biased)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Marriages :)

Our gorgeous Phoebe has "married" Kimbo again- Loyal girl and why not when they produced such stunning offspring last time.

We kept Ruby and she is a little beauty with a great temperament

Lulu, our chocolate Labradoodle who I missed mating last season as just so busy with the kennels "married" a lovely cream, medium sized labradoodle today.  She will return on Saturday when I will get some photographs of him.

We are going to have a busy spring but this is a lovely time to have puppies.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Safe arrivals :)

Born 7th October 2015
Maggie is proud Mum (Cockapoo out of Jess our red cocker spaniel) Dougle (a red Toy Poodle) is Dad
He doesn't know he has babies yet :)
Maggie has a very dark nose and around her eyes so she carries a dark gene which is where the dark puppy has come from.
Mum and babies are doing great. Maggie is amazing for a first time Mum 

Heads and tails

I know cats catch mice but I didn't realise they ate them as I often find heads and tails thanks to Danni our fantastic pest control officer

Look what I've been up to now :)

This is the preparation for the concrete slab for my dog boarding expansion
My last big project :)

I am building more dog boarding units and then going into my grass paddock 4/5 big runs. the dogs in my care will have ooodles of play time and space to let off steam. The fencing will be 8 feet high and very secure but to be honest they never look at an escape route as they are often too busy playing. Many dogs coming into boarding are never let off the lead so a secure paddock is exciting to them.

It is a significant, financial investment as I will put under floor heating and self filling water dispensers in as the first block  but I do think it is money well spent to offer quality kennels

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Full sisters

This is Red and Shelby. They are full sisters to my Cockapoo puppies we have available.
They have stunning coats which don't shed and are gorgeous, friendly girls

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Down on the farm :)

We have a rather large, 7 feet deep pond. About 6 years ago my boys and I took off the decking, thoroughly cleaned it and put a few fish in. We feet them left over cat food (not one to wast anything:)) and now there are masses. Some are getting quite big and there is always a pregnant one. This one looks ready to bust poor thing. The water is always mirky but I don't really care as the fish are clearly very happy

I have struggled to grow lilies as they go so deep in the winter by the time they have surfaced they have run out of both time and energy to produce flowers. Last year I created a system so they didn't sink so deeply and it has paid off :)

"Come on, give me a kiss" says Whinney. She is just adorable

New arrivals

What a cute, black nose :)
10 days old these lovely Cockapoos are a beautiful colour
Mum is Toffee, my miniature Cockapoo and Dad is Duke a red working Cocker Spaniel

They have married before and do make gorgeous babies.

Cockepoos are certainly very popular and no surprise as they are a lovely size (not too big)
Should be non/low shedding as these are 50% poodle and I have never met a nasty one yet. They are very lively and just love everyone

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last one

She is soooo clever :)
This photo was taken today and what a great coat she is developing. Now vet checked, first jab, microchipped and insured but at 9 weeks old is ready for her new home.
She is the only one who worked out how to get through the bar in the gate, is fantastic at coming when I call and certainly has no problem socialising with the largest of dogs.
She will make some one very happy as has ooooooodles of character

Saturday, 20 June 2015


This little cuttie is the last of Jess's 2015 litter. She is 9 weeks old today and ready to leave home. She is certainly very confident and full of fun. 

Toffee has given birth to 4 gorgeous Cockapoo's Dad is Duke, as always with my loyal girl :)
They do make the most stunning Cockapoos so why not stick to what we know works?

Neither Bea or Lola have taken after being mated. Who knows why but I will cover then at their next season which will be October time. It does make summer a little easier to manage but a shame as I like to get puppies out lists whilst the weather is nice.

I am developing my new building so I could have them in there rather than the house but I bet I don't as they won't get oooooodles of attention and I do like my puppies to leave here bold and afraid of nothing :) :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Play time :)

 Dougle is trying to take Maggie down. I have just had her stripped which will be nice and cool for her but doesn't look great for a short while. 
 Here we have Ruby (my Rotti puppy) Maggies (my one year old Cockatoo) and one of our 8 week old Cockatoo puppies. She is still available and very, very confident just as puppies should be :)
 Maggie get the upper hand over the Rotti. Not for long :)
This is stunning Rolly. Maggie's brother. they were born 2014
He enjoyed coming and playing in the paddock with the "mad" puppies. I hope he has gone home shattered as they wore me out just watching them :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Play time :)

This is a little boy who is still available. 
Shall I climb in? :)

I did jump in and it was fun but i'm now a little soggy. 
Mum is going to take me for a blow dry, don't know if i'll like this
I am an adventurous little girl

Monday, 8 June 2015

Bailey :)

What a cutie!!

This is Bailey  7 weeks old now, vet checked, microchipped and will be insured before he leaves home.
He has a loving family but we do have a girl and boy still available

His Mum is Jess, my red Cocker Spaniel
Dad is Chino an apricot Toy Poodle

Monday, 1 June 2015

Rottti's are stunning

 8 weeks old and looking stunning. Just Ruby and one little boy left
They really are stunningly gorgeous puppies. Ok so I am bias :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sister Maggie :)

This years cockatoo puppies out of Jess and by an apricot, toy poodle
They are 6 weeks old now, weening well and full of fun

This is Maggie, one of last years puppies with Jess as the Mum
She is fabulous and very friendly
She loves the puppies and helps us to tire them out :)

Saturday, 16 May 2015

I love Rottweilers

They are such a lovely breed and have never had a litter before I can say that cheeky, loveliness starts young.

I haven't laughed so much for ages as my son helped me weigh each puppy so I could get accurate amount of wormer. We weigh them in a bag, hanging off a luggage scale whilst the rest play at our feet. My son loves and would live in his PJ's if he could. The puppies around his feet worked together and pulled. There was nothing he could do other than hold with one hand and we laughed :)

The puppies weighed 4.7 to 5kg so all doing very well.

The cockapoo puppies are so much easier as younger and smaller. They are up on their feet now though and starting to eat solid food. Jess continues to be a fantastic Mum as is Phoebe who still chooses to let her 6 weeks old puppies have milk. ooouch those needle teeth.

Monday, 11 May 2015

3 weeks old already!!

Golden Cockapoo puppies
Boys and girls
Eyes and ears now open
Weaning well, wormed and starting to get around.
And Oh! so! very cute

I like it when they pose for the camera :)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Kimbo - Dad

Mark sent this picture of Kimbo, Dad of the Rotti puppies.

He came to see his babies too yesterday. I don't think Kimbo was too fussed but he did enjoy seeing Phoebe again. Mark liked the puppies of course and how lovely that a stud dog owner bothers to come to see his boys offspring.

We did get talking about next years fun day and we are doing to work with Mark and Kimdo and do a Rotti demonstration as between Mel, Mark and myself we have 6 of this lovely breed.

Please put the date in your diary May Day 2016

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Play time :)

Today, between the showers I had the puppies on the yard. 
They had a great time and Phoebe joined in too, of course

We feel so very proud of these puppies. Partly as they are Phoebe's but also they are just stunning. They look fantastic, playing and socialising brilliantly and are starting the recall training well. They are getting very good at "messing" on the paper too

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Almost 5 weeks already

I can sleep anywhere :)

 Getting a very big boy
The owner of the stud dog, Kimbo called by yesterday and he is very pleased with his sons off spring.

Mark has offered to do a demonstration at our Family Fun and Doggy Day next year with his Rottweiler to show how fantastic and very obedient they can be when trained properly

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Out and about :)

We had the puppies in our family room for socialising and looking for mischief of course :)
They didn't disappoint us :)

Looking at you

Nice rug

What's up there? :) 

Smells good 

I'm just so cute :) 

The three wise ones

What's next?

 Come on guys these legs are really tasty :)

Some one else's dinner is always more tasty :)
I do like our werner feeder 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Photo shoot

The boys
Just 3 weeks old, eyes almost open and ears too
loving their food and looking fantastic