Friday, 8 February 2013

Very round

Lola is looking very round now. She has just a few days to go now and we should have some lovely chocolate/golden Labrador puppies. This is her first litter but generally Labradors whelp (give birth) easily so I'm not anticipating any problems. Oscar is Dad and a finer, more handsome Labrador you couldn't wish to meet. He has 0/0 elbow score and a very low hip score too

I do love Labradors. I was practicing our new "down" work with Phoebe with Lola in the room and she did it very quickly and long before Phoebe. They are so clever and very quick to learn and I guess that is what makes them our nations number 1 breed.

Despite her very large tummy she has been enjoying running around and wrestling this afternoon you would never guess she is pregnant but that is dogs for you. As long as they are fit and well they will play right up to the last minute. Jilly, one of my other girls will go out to play ball as soon as the last one has arrived too.

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