Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New arrivals

Lulu has safely whelped her litter of multi generational labradoodles.

Girls and boys, cream, chocolate and black. All look to have curly coats too :)

What a great Mum she is. We humans can go in and I check the puppies every day to ensure they are all thriving and no one is being left out of the milky bar.

Lulu has unlimited food and water of course with all those mouths to feed.

If we work in percentages these puppies are out of Lulu who is 75% poodle 25% lab (f1b)
I have her Mum (Bea) and sadly just lost her gran, Gemma, aged 15

Her Dad is Hugo F1 50/50 I also have his Mum (Jilly)

I can most certainly vouch for the characters of these puppies and they all started from KC registered pedigree dogs. As that is the case these puppies have their full breeding history a copy of which I will supply at the point of them leaving here.

I do see several of Lulu's litter from last year, bred the same way and they too are lovely natured dogs which is what I aim to achieve when producing family pets which are sound of temperament at the point of leaving our home. Then it is over to you and your training. There are great trainers around and am happy to discuss your requirements.

I do have several enquiries for these puppies but please don't make contact with a view to buying a puppy for some one for Christmas as a surprise. Nice idea but it is too huge a commitments and all parries involved really do need to be in agreement.

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