Thursday, 10 January 2013

where are we now?

Phoebe has made great progress so far.

At 15 weeks old she can sit, down, spin and roll over on command.

She is very glutenous so it has been relatively easy so far. I have made a point of making her wait for her food once it has been put on the floor, which was a challenge for her to learn, as she cannot wait to eat. I also make a point of taking her food off her whilst she is so young and I can.

We are going to our first, formal training session this evening and I am sure all the ground work we have done will fly out of the window as her excitement raises as she walks into the hall.

Phoebe is a Rottweiler, of course and I am so determined that she is going to be a well trained, loyal and obedient girl. The breed is subject to such bad press but as with almost all breeds they are what you make them and her character is naturally submissive and my boys are loving working, playing, training and wrestling with her.

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