Wednesday, 29 January 2014

He is so cute!

 One of our multi generational Labradoodle puppies
Almost 8 weeks old and certainly ready for his new home.

Lulu won't let them take milk anymore. Neither would you if you felt their teeth :)

You can just about get a brush through this coat at the moment but he will probably need clipping as an adult dog.

Very confident and they do love a run around our yard but not in today's weather :(

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lovely people

My dog boarding washing machine has not been working all Christmas, which is a nightmare, as I wash all bedding when the dogs leave.

Wain at Washer Care came yesterday, sorted it but charged me nothing. Sand had come through the water supply and blocked the flow in which he rectified quickly and easily.
I would have been happy to pay as we are back up and running again.

Thank you Washer Care

I cannot believe how warm it has been all winter. Where is winter?

There have been ooodles of flies around the past few days and if the zero degrees don't come we shall have a real problem with them in spring/summer. The cold kills a few off. My biggest concern is my horses as we have standing water in streams and a moat and the midges love it but also love steeling blood from my horses and their skin reacts to it. There are things we can do to help but reduction in fly numbers is the biggest help.

Business wise I am quiet at the moment (other than puppies) which is great to enable me to catch up on maintenance.

I have started to take a little time to myself too and attended my first Zumba class last evening.

I can walk and move ok today but only because by the time I got into the swing of the exercise the leader changed it. I will stick with it though as I am wanting to get fit (don't we all)

It is a great way to exercise and am looking forward to the day I can do it :)

Play time!

 Labradoodle just 5 weeks old and having a play out. Lovely day today and so warm so I have let the puppies have a play on the yard for a few minutes.
 Gold is my Cockapoo puppy and chocolate is one of the labradoodle litter.
The gang!!

Not really these are more of the Labradoodle litter

Friday, 3 January 2014

Two little girls

These are two of the Labradoodles puppies we have available. Approaching 3 weeks old. Their coats are really fluffing up and very shiny.

Some of the puppies are not too keen to eat real, solid food. I guess Lulu's milk is still sooo good. They are still very young so i'm not worried. Puppies are some times rushed onto solid food.

I have had to restrict how much Aunty Phoebe lets them suckle off her as she will start to produce milk :) She is great with them though and as soon as she approaches their run they come towards her.

The puppies are great at coming off their bed and onto the newspaper to do their business. Puppies are naturally very clean.