Sunday, 2 June 2013

Phoebe and others

Well what do think of her so far?

8 months old and I think she is stunning. 

We go training every week and she is such a laid back girl. She has her bronze KC good citizen award and we are working towards silver now.

Around our home she is fantastic. Never an "accident" and never does she wander off and for those who have been to our home, she could, quite easily.

She is still chewing so cannot be trusted and I have had to put a notice to the postman to ensure she cannot get to the mail as she ate my son's driving licence and his new window screen wipers. I had to pay for the replacements so I had to find a way to stop her :)

We all love her to bits and feel very proud to take her out and about. We took her to Stafford County Show and she was impeccably well behaved dispite a very small child jumping and screeching into her face. Where do the young children learn these things! who trains these children?

Other puppy news

Bea was mated and I cannot believe it but she hasn't caught so no labradoodles this summer

Jess our cocker spaniel is due in season soon so fingers crossed as as cute as she is she has cost us a fortune by breaking her leg and generating no income. We do love her though and she is great out on walks.

Lola will be off for her hip, elbow and eye screening soon.

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