Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Puppies cooking

Phoebe, whilst not huge is definitely looking round and has slowed down a little. She some times doesn't get out of bed to great us which is so not her. She is eating very well, of course but there is nothing new there.

I will start to advertise them once they are safely here as I will be very particular where they go as we all know they could fall into the "wrong hands"being Rotti's

One of my objectives in having Phoebe was to restore some faith back into the breed and address the public image of Rottweilers. Even if I only achieved that is some small way it is worth it and many have warmed and might I say, even been impressed with her :)

 Phoebe is an exceptional dog, forget she is a Rotti, she certainly helps any nervous dogs to settle in my boarding, she is fantastic and very gentle with Danni, our kitten and my boys love to wrestle with her which she absolutely loves. We couldn't have wished for a more gorgeous girl and if her puppies are half as lovely they will be a pleasure to live with too.

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