Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rottweiler puppies :)

Phoebe looks great. She isn't huge so I don't think she is having a large litter which is good news for her first.

She has her milk in ready so it won't be long now.

Everyone is excited as she is such an adorable girl and we all think she will be a fantastic Mum

In preparation of the event I have scrubbed the floor and left out some "old" bedding for her to shred. Whelping can be very messy (depends how vidulant Mum is) but I often burn the bedding afterwards

I have set up the heating in my small pen too. I like to make sure there is an area large enough for Mum and babies which is well heated, no draughts and easy to clean of course.

I have moved most of her mates out as she needs solitude when whelping. I will stay with her, of course and she will be fine with other humans but other dogs!! that is a different matter. In my experience even the most friendly of girls will not allow other dogs near her puppies for at least a few days, in some cases like Pippa, my terrier EVER :) It isn't worth stressing her either as it can be quite scary and confusing for them as they have puppies appearing. Some really are not sure what it is or what to do with it/them. Generally they do get the hang of it and maternal instincts kick in.

I will let you know how Phoebe gets on and fingers crossed all goes well as she has a few people waiting for her babies :) :)

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