Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rottweiler puppies :)

Phoebe is looking great. I have increased her food a little as fingers crossed she is with child after mating with the gorgeous and very well bred Kimbo 4 weeks ago.

Mel and I went walking at the back of the quarry at Swarkstone yesterday and what a fabulous walk it was. The 4 dogs we took had a great time. Maggie, at one point shot out of the little church window to a 10 feet drop. No injury and it didn't even phase her as she shot straight off to play.

The "church" is part of the rock formation I guess from the ice age and looks quite spectacular.

We were wondering what kind of Mum Phoebe is going to make as she is such a gentle, loving aunty to her mates puppies and we have never, ever seen anything nasty about her. I think she will be protective of her babies and very attentive. We are so looking forward to seeing them/her with them and have very intention on keeping one. Well, we can! :)

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