Sunday, 11 October 2015

Heads and tails

I know cats catch mice but I didn't realise they ate them as I often find heads and tails thanks to Danni our fantastic pest control officer

Look what I've been up to now :)

This is the preparation for the concrete slab for my dog boarding expansion
My last big project :)

I am building more dog boarding units and then going into my grass paddock 4/5 big runs. the dogs in my care will have ooodles of play time and space to let off steam. The fencing will be 8 feet high and very secure but to be honest they never look at an escape route as they are often too busy playing. Many dogs coming into boarding are never let off the lead so a secure paddock is exciting to them.

It is a significant, financial investment as I will put under floor heating and self filling water dispensers in as the first block  but I do think it is money well spent to offer quality kennels

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