Saturday, 20 June 2015


This little cuttie is the last of Jess's 2015 litter. She is 9 weeks old today and ready to leave home. She is certainly very confident and full of fun. 

Toffee has given birth to 4 gorgeous Cockapoo's Dad is Duke, as always with my loyal girl :)
They do make the most stunning Cockapoos so why not stick to what we know works?

Neither Bea or Lola have taken after being mated. Who knows why but I will cover then at their next season which will be October time. It does make summer a little easier to manage but a shame as I like to get puppies out lists whilst the weather is nice.

I am developing my new building so I could have them in there rather than the house but I bet I don't as they won't get oooooodles of attention and I do like my puppies to leave here bold and afraid of nothing :) :)

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