Saturday, 16 May 2015

I love Rottweilers

They are such a lovely breed and have never had a litter before I can say that cheeky, loveliness starts young.

I haven't laughed so much for ages as my son helped me weigh each puppy so I could get accurate amount of wormer. We weigh them in a bag, hanging off a luggage scale whilst the rest play at our feet. My son loves and would live in his PJ's if he could. The puppies around his feet worked together and pulled. There was nothing he could do other than hold with one hand and we laughed :)

The puppies weighed 4.7 to 5kg so all doing very well.

The cockapoo puppies are so much easier as younger and smaller. They are up on their feet now though and starting to eat solid food. Jess continues to be a fantastic Mum as is Phoebe who still chooses to let her 6 weeks old puppies have milk. ooouch those needle teeth.

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