Monday, 15 June 2020


They have always been around but are making the most of the increased demand at the moment and many of you, with time on your hands and the life changes that this dreadful virus has created are taking the plunge and wishing to get a puppy.

This is great news but the scammers are taking the opportunity to target you.

I have had many calls/ messages from distraught people who have been scammed so please be careful and do your homework before parting with your money

1  Is the seller a licensed/registered breeder
2 Have they been recommended to you
3 Do you know who the sellers are or where they live i.e. where the puppies are coming from
4 Do they have a website/presence in the market
5 Have you searched the phone number given or are you aware of previous adverts

It saddens me you are being scammed but please stop parting with your money when you know so little about where or to whom it is going

If you have been scammed please let the police know

Todays rant over


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