Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Pricing of Cockapoos

I am a licensed (this costs money), reputable breeder who has run a legitimate business for many years, breeding quality puppies from quality, health checked girls. I carefully select their "husbands" and the resulting puppies get a great start to life in all respects

We are small breeders, having few litters a year and we have nothing to hide when the inspector calls as everything is above board.

Given the price range for cockapoo puppies range anything from £2,000  to over £4,000 at the moment, I have to set my price to the market rather than historical, especially as a number of those advertised are scams too!!

Our puppies will be £2,500 and I will be including within the contract that our puppies are not to be "sold on"

I am, of course looking for my puppies to go to loving, forever homes but if it doesn't work out, as sometimes it doesn't, then my customers have to option to return the puppy to me, as has always been the case

Hope this helps


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