Friday, 17 April 2015

Up date on the Rotti Puppies :)

The puppies are doing great. Eyes opening and normal and so are their ears I have , however noticed some real differences between these and other breeds at this age (2 weeks)

They are much quieter. Whenever we have had puppies before our house sounds like a maternity unit at the hospital but theses guys, hardly a sound. They are also sucklers and if Mum isn't around to suckle they will attach to anything they can get their mouth around which is usually their brother or sister. It is quite sweet but weird as they don't seem to care what body part it is and the one on the receiving end doesn't seem to care either :).
They do appear to be more forward physically too as they are up on their feet and wobbling around, others have been 3 weeks before this stage. I have them well contained as I don't want them wobbling too far and although both parents have great hip scores I am mindful of preserving these little puppies hips too.

Mel, my friend has a litter of Rotti's too and her's are just the same so it may be typical of their breed.

Above all else they are just gorgeous. Lots of my other dogs have been to see them which is great for socialisation. We have had a stream of "smelly" humans too.

Phoebe is being a great Mum of course but is now happy to go a play and chill with her mates.

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