Sunday, 12 April 2015

Planning for puppies

As ever my girls are synchronising their seasons or has it some thing to do with the weather?

We have our Rottweilers safely arrived and growing very well. Just boys available if your interested please contact me

Jess is due her second litter towards the end of April. She was mated with an apricot, toy poodle so should produce small and I have no doubt very cute Cockapoos

We then have Lola, our chocolate lab in season. I am going to put her to an apricot, toy poodle to produce Labradoodle first cross (F1) as she has a wavy coat and I think would produce some nice coated labradoodles. Lets see :)

Toffee is to be married to Duke again and they do produce the most gorgeous Cockapoos always golden in colour and have fantastic coats as adults. I know this as I have two boarding with me right now. They are just a year apart but are full sisters as Toffee has never married any other :)

Bea is back in season and this time I am going to cover her with Max a chocolate standard poodle. I have mated her with him before and produced some lovely F1B's   Lulu, our F1B being one of their daughters. She has had a couple of missed matings when I have covered her with another too so lets continue to be faithful :)

All in all another busy summer ahead. My youngest son asked if we might have a holiday. It would be nice but I don't know when or how :)

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