Friday, 29 April 2016

Full course of injections

Second visit to Beech Vets, Willington for their second injections.
They can now go out and about and go to training

They weighed almost 8kg which is spot on for their breed and age

Just one boy left to find a loving home. if you are interested please make contact

Monday, 18 April 2016

Who next?

I have had lots of enquiries as to when we might have puppies available.
Please understand a bitch can go anything from 4 to 9 months between seasons so this is only a guestimate :)

I take a litter every other season so roughly a litter a year.

Jess who should be in season May ish will marry Dougle to make small Cockapoos

Lola  due in season any day now :) marry a poodle to produce small, first cross Labradoodles

Lulu should be June ish and will marry a small Labradoodle to produce medium Labradoodles

Ruby (Rotti) has just had her hip and elbow X-rays so if all is well should be July ish assuming I can find her a stunning husband :)

The rest of my girls are on a rest so won't be until later this or early 2017

I hope this all makes sense and thank you so very much for those prepared to wait for our puppies

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Clean bill of health when vet checked :)

 First outing in the car and all the excitement at the vets and he is sooooo sleepy

Minature Labradoodles, almost 7 weeks old now and ready to leave here
They should be low/non shedding and spaniel in size