Monday, 18 April 2016

Who next?

I have had lots of enquiries as to when we might have puppies available.
Please understand a bitch can go anything from 4 to 9 months between seasons so this is only a guestimate :)

I take a litter every other season so roughly a litter a year.

Jess who should be in season May ish will marry Dougle to make small Cockapoos

Lola  due in season any day now :) marry a poodle to produce small, first cross Labradoodles

Lulu should be June ish and will marry a small Labradoodle to produce medium Labradoodles

Ruby (Rotti) has just had her hip and elbow X-rays so if all is well should be July ish assuming I can find her a stunning husband :)

The rest of my girls are on a rest so won't be until later this or early 2017

I hope this all makes sense and thank you so very much for those prepared to wait for our puppies

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