Thursday, 28 August 2014

Puppies,puppies, puppies

All of the puppies are doing very well

The Labradors are now approaching 5 weeks. They are up and "running" around. Play time is short lived as they are so young but, boy! do they make a lot of noise :)
4 weeks worming is now done and just to be on the safe side I weighed them to ensure the correct dose 2KG, little fatties :)
They are weening well and certainly enjoy their food, well they are Labradors but Mum also visits and lets them have a top up of milk.

KC Registration documents should arrive any day now so just a couple more weeks and they will start to leave home :(

The Cockapoos are looking very cute. Being bred the way they are I wasn't sure how their coat would look as they are higher percentage Cocker Spaniel than Poodle but they all have quite full/brocken coats. Mel, the dog groomer on site thinks their coat may be a little easier to get a brush through which should make the day to day management easier.
They have been wormed at 2 weeks and I have introduced them to a little food as now approaching 4.

Lulu is Mum and there are pictures of her on my doodle dogs derby site

This is dad

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