Thursday, 28 November 2013

All doing very well

 This little boy is with his new Mummy, having a quick cuddle. They are being snapped up as I thought they may be as Cockapoos are really, lovely little dogs
Two camp :)

Proud Dad Chino (although he doesn't know he has more babies)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Camera shy :)

Looking good but not really up for a photo shoot after giving birth just 24 hours ago!!

She whelped very well, instinct certainly kicked in as she was very efficient and amazingly clean :)

Within seconds the head was cleared of the amniotic sack and Jess had the body cleared with such precision, it was amazing especially given this is her first litter.

She is happy for us to hold the puppies but of course we don't move them away from her at this stage.

She is eating well and her milk production is good as the puppies are all thriving very well.

Well done Jess x

Monday, 18 November 2013

A little quiet today

Jess has certainly slowed down a lot in the last couple of days which is no bad thing as her belly is huge :)

She didn't even want to have a run out today, just out onto the yard to relieve herself.

I have just got her in with Pippa for now but she will be on her own when whelping.

This is for lots of reasons but mainly as she will be a little stressed by events as has never had puppies before and the presence of another dog may add to the stress.

She may have a panic and I do like to keep all as calm as possible.

I could see Pippa trying to pinch a puppy to look after as her own as she loves to be a Mum :)

Jess is due this week and looks fit to pop too. She has her milk in ready so any day now and fingers crossed as I cannot wait to see them. Her first litter and she is our "Rita Hayworth"