Saturday, 11 July 2015

Full sisters

This is Red and Shelby. They are full sisters to my Cockapoo puppies we have available.
They have stunning coats which don't shed and are gorgeous, friendly girls

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Down on the farm :)

We have a rather large, 7 feet deep pond. About 6 years ago my boys and I took off the decking, thoroughly cleaned it and put a few fish in. We feet them left over cat food (not one to wast anything:)) and now there are masses. Some are getting quite big and there is always a pregnant one. This one looks ready to bust poor thing. The water is always mirky but I don't really care as the fish are clearly very happy

I have struggled to grow lilies as they go so deep in the winter by the time they have surfaced they have run out of both time and energy to produce flowers. Last year I created a system so they didn't sink so deeply and it has paid off :)

"Come on, give me a kiss" says Whinney. She is just adorable

New arrivals

What a cute, black nose :)
10 days old these lovely Cockapoos are a beautiful colour
Mum is Toffee, my miniature Cockapoo and Dad is Duke a red working Cocker Spaniel

They have married before and do make gorgeous babies.

Cockepoos are certainly very popular and no surprise as they are a lovely size (not too big)
Should be non/low shedding as these are 50% poodle and I have never met a nasty one yet. They are very lively and just love everyone